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Travel: Labor Day Getaway

10 Sep

Last weekend was what is considered to be the last weekend of summer. We open our summer seasons with Memorial Day weekend and close them with Labor Day weekend.

On this final summer weekend, we gathered for a family weekend getaway.  Here are a few silent images from our getaway to Clearlake, CA.


Travel: Celebrating in Sonoma

01 Aug

We spent the past Saturday celebrating a friend’s birthday by enjoying the great weather and wine of Sonoma, California. We were picked up by an incredible coach and driven in style to Sonoma. As I am writing this, I realize that unfortunately, I didn’t actually take any photos of the coach itself. Believe me when I say, it was a nice ride. But no fear, I have a few other shots to share. We visited 3 wineries, and I personally enjoyed the first one the most. Interestingly enough, it wasn’t so much for the wine, but for the olive oil. Yep, you heard, well in this case read, it correctly. Jacuzzi winery in Sonoma has a very large and interesting selection of olive oils. I couldn’t help but buy a bottle for myself. Parmesan olive oil anyone, or maybe some champagne olive oil?

You have to agree, this is a pretty nice way to spend a Saturday.


Napa Valley Getaway

26 Nov

This isn’t exactly on the topic of food, but thought I’d share my recent getaway. My husband and I had some time off, so we decided to take a drive up to Napa Valley for a little getaway. We did some wine tasting…

…enjoyed the food…
…and took in the views…

Overall a very relaxing getaway.



07 Jul

Yes I know, I am a terrible blogger. I do want to say thank you to the occasional stragglers that peek into this blog. To make up for being MIA, I am going to put up TWO posts today!

One being from Spain. Spain is gorgeous. Favorite city you ask? Definitely Barcelona! (Now you know what the poll was about ;) ) So here we go, some highlights from Espania…


Beautiful Costa Rica

25 Oct

Well, once again I’ve been MIA for a while. As my friend says I am a terrible blogger. Although I’d like to think that even though I might not blog all the time…I keep things interesting :) So here is another one for you. A couple of months ago we took a trip to Costa Rica. I saw some really cool animals and insects that I’ve never seen so up close. Costa Rica is gorgeous, I even got my version of the stereotypical vacation photo :) Here goes…During our stay in Costa Rica we took a trip down the river in the jungle and checked out some of jungle life….I’ve never seen so many iguanas (did you know that iguanas eat bananas?)

We also saw some pretty cool gigantic grasshoppers. Here are a few for your viewing pleasure…

These grasshoppers hide a little hint of color under their wings. Our guide revealed it for us. Who would have known…

Finally, here is my version of paradise:)