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SF Chefs 2012

24 May

It’s that time again…Time for the SF Chefs Food and Wine Festival!

San Francisco’s premier food, wine, and spirits festival will be held at Union Square in San Francisco and at venues throughout the City, from July 30th to August 5th, 2012. Presented by Visa Signature, SF Chefs 2012 is a food and wine event celebrating the unique flavor, diversity and bounty of Northern California. From sampling local products in the main tasting tent to attending specialized classes where you can interact with and learn from culinary masters, SF Chefs 2012 is sure to be an inspiring event to remember.

Are you a Visa Signature cardholder? If your Visa card has ‘Visa Signature’ across it, you are eligible to receive 20% ticket savings on all Grand Tasting Tent events, pre-sale ticket access, preferred front-row seating in all Westin Hotel classrooms, and more. For more information about the event and this offer, please visit

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Food News: Eater’s Choice Awards

14 Oct

Looking for last minute plans for this weekend? Well, look no further! Check out the Eater’s Choice Awards in San Francisco.


The event pays tribute to the new ‘street food’ and food truck trends and will feature the best meals on wheels in the Bay Area. The Eater’s Choice Awards will take place on Saturday, October 15th at the Fort Mason Center from 12 – 4 PM. The event is free to attend, and if you are a Chase Sapphire (SM) Visa Signature® cardholder, you could receive exclusive perks at this event, including: early entrance, an exclusive menu item at each food truck, VIP seating in the Chase Sapphire Lounge and exclusive meet-and-greets with food truck chef-owners.

So get out there and see what those talked about food trucks are all about!

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Food News: Behind the Apron

12 Aug

San Francisco is full of exciting food events this summer. You may remember my post in June on SF Chefs 2011 that occurred August 1st through August 7th.

Chef Russell Jackson slices lamb and Elizabeth Falkner mixes cocktails for the judges, at the illy Chef Challenge presented by Chase Sapphire Visa Signature, Saturday, August 6, at SF Chefs 2011

Photo Courtesy of: Visa

This time, Chase Sapphire Visa Signature is bringing you Behind the Apron events. These events are already occurring but don’t despair, there are still two great events coming up in the nearest future.

L-R: Charlene del Muro, Meals on Wheels of San Francisco; chef Chris Cosentino; chef Elizabeth Falkner; and Karen Gordon, Meals on Wheels of San Francisco). Cosentino and Falkner beat out Dominique Crenn and Russell Jackson in the illy Chef Challenge on August 6 to win a $20,000 contribution from Chase Sapphire to Meals on Wheels of San Francisco and Chef Dominique Crenn hard at work in the kitchen at the illy Chef Challenge presented by Chase Sapphire Visa Signature, Saturday, August 6, at SF Chefs 2011.

Photo Courtesy of: Visa

On August 20th, enjoy Behind-the-Scenes Culinary Experience at Spruce Restaurant in San Francisco, hosted by a local Sunset magazine editor. Watch as three renowned chefs prepare individual portions to a three-course meal.

On September 17th, you can experience Market-to-Table Culinary experience, from 11am to 3pm at the Ferry Plaza and Quince Restaurant in San Francisco, CA. You will have the rare opportunity to shadow a local celebrity chef as they spend the day shopping San Francisco’s renowned Farmer’s Market at Ferry Plaza.

For more information on these great events and to purchase tickets, visit


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Food News: Save the Children

05 Jul

This past Sunday I decided to try out the local Farmer’s Market. I figured there is nothing better than being able to just stroll over to the market with my tote and stroller. I love the farmer’s market in the summer. The great selection of vegetables and fruit. I just want to get everything. This visit to the farmer’s market wasn’t just to stock up on fruits and vegetables for the week. By visiting my local farmer’s market this Sunday, I contributed to charity.

Foodbuzz and Frigidaire teamed up for a campaign to support Save the Children, the Kids’ Cooking Academy Summer Session. By visiting my local farmer’s market and checking in via Gowalla, I contributed to this campaign, and so can you.

Farmer's Market Veggies

All you have to do is visit your local farmer’s market, and check in using Gowalla, to help give more children access to fresh foods.


As for me, I checked out my local farmer’s market for the first time, and picked up a few goodies. However, I will be returning to an old favorite farmer’s market, even though it is further away. I do like my variety (I was a little disappointed by the lack of selection). I guess location isn’t everything.


Food News: SF Chefs 2011

30 Jun

It’s that time of the year again…time for the SF Chefs event. This year once again, Visa reached out to me to share this great event and offer with my readers.

Taste, Mix, Pair, Engage

SF Chefs 2011 will be held at Union Square in San Francisco, August 1st – 7th, 2011 and will celebrate the local flair and regional flavors of San Francisco. This is a unique opportunity to experience the many joys of Bay Area food. SF Chefs Events include:
• The Grand Tasting Tent (August 5-7) – Savor tastes from over 100 Bay Area chefs and restaurants. In addition to delectable bites, attendees can enjoy specialty cocktails and fine wine.
• SF Chefs Restaurant Week (August 1-7) – Bay Area restaurants will feature SF Chefs Showcase menus.
• Food Arts Industry Series (August 1-5) – Industry professionals can experience a unique learning and networking opportunity at the seminars and hosted receptions.
• Sugar & Spice Party (August 4) – Take a culinary tour de spice with some of San Francisco’s favorite chefs and pastry chefs. Enjoy delicious savory items along with delectable sweets.
• Classes & Demos (August 6-7) – Learn how to cook up something grand, from family cooking to date night meals.

SF Chefs 2011 will support the Golden Gate Restaurant Association Scholarship Foundation, which grants financial scholarships to students from the Bay Area entering culinary and hospitality programs.

Do pre-sale tickets and front-row seating sound even more appetizing? If you are a Visa Signature cardholder – just look to see if your Visa Card says ‘Visa Signature’ across it – you could be eligible to receive ticket savings of 20% to SF Chefs 2011 as well as priority admittance and preferred seating for all seminars in the Visa Signature classroom. To learn more about this event and to purchase tickets, visit


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Food News: Calling All Coffee Fiends!

26 May

Hey there coffee fiends. According to the San Francisco Weekly, Tully’s Coffee Truck is scouring San Francisco and giving out free coffee. The truck will be in town through Monday, May 30th. Here is where you can find your free cup of coffee in the next few days:

Friday, May 27th: Powell Street BART station from 7:30 a.m. until 1 p.m.
Saturday, May 28th and Sunday, May 28th: Mission’s Carnaval from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Monday, May 30th: Embarcadero Center from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m.

From San Francisco, the Tully’s Discovery Tour will continue on to Portland, OR and then on to Seattle, WA.

Image courtesy Tully’s Coffee on

One more thing, according to SF Weekly, if you mention the term “Artisinal Goodness”, you get a Free travel mug. Can’t go wrong with free stuff!

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Food News: Bravo’s Top Chef Tour

16 May

For all you Top Chef fans, Bravo kicked off its annual Top Chef tour on April 15, 2011. Top Chef contestants will be hitting 21 cities during this tour. There will be cook-offs between your favorite contestants in the style of the Quickfires, which I personally very much enjoy on the show. This time around you, as fans, will be able to rate the chefs’ dishes on Facebook. For those of you that are into spotting your favorite dishes and sharing them on Foodspotting, you will be able to spot your favorite dishes from the Top Chef Tour for a chance to unlock the “Top Chef Tour” badge.

Courtesy of

Starting this week (specifically tomorrow), the Top Chef Tour will be hitting the New York area. For all of you San Francisco Bay Area Top Chef fans, prepare to welcome your favorite contestants to San Francisco’s Justin Herman Plaza on Monday, June 20th and to San Jose’s Stevens Creek Shopping Center AT&T store on Tuesday, June 21st. The event will include prizes, games and a chance for autographs and pictures with your favorite contestants.

For more details on dates and tour stops click on the image above or go to the BravoTV website.


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Food News: Bay Area Food Trucks

21 Apr

Lately it seems that the food truck industry has exploded. Even President Obama has joined the masses and tasted the goodness of a kimchi burrito from MoGo’s BBQ truck,  while paying a visit to the Bay Area yesterday. You might remember I blogged about MoGo’s BBQ truck in March and April of last year. Since then it seems the food truck craze has taken on a life of its own.

My first encounter with a food truck was through a co-worker who told me about the MoGo BBQ Truck. If in the past there was a thrill of hunting down your favorite food truck by following them on Twitter or Facebook. These days there are actual events, such as Off the Grid, that bring a lot of different food trucks together. Off the Grid offers weekly markets, where they bring multiple food trucks together in one location along with entertainment. The biggest one features 30 trucks and occurs on Fridays between 5pm and 10pm at the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco. Off the Grid also offers other smaller events throughout the week in various other parts of the city. The website also offers a “Street Food Finder” feature where you can see where your favorite food truck will be heading on a given day.

Personally, I am a big follower of MoGo BBQ truck, which has expanded to 3 trucks in the past year. I follow them on Facebook. MoGo often partners with dessert trucks to satisfy its customers’ followers’ hunger as well as their sweet tooths. Today one of MoGo’s trucks is teaming up with Treatbot, an ice cream truck, in San Jose for  lunch.

So get on Facebook, Twitter, go to Off the Grid or just Google and find that great food truck near you.

I leave you now with MoGo’s Soft Tacos.

MoGo BBQ Soft Tacos



Food News: New Flavors from Skinny Cow

25 Mar

I don’t know about you but I am constantly battling my love for food with the desire to stay trim. I was never a big believer in any diets that required cutting out certain food groups. At the end of the day, these diets are just not sustainable. I am a believer of “everything in moderation” diet.

I may not have a big sweet tooth, but I wouldn’t say no to some good ice cream. So when I came across a tasty ice cream that was also low-fat, I was ecstatic. Skinny Cow ice creams have always been tasty and never tasted like cardboard, even though they are low-fat. I recently came across a new flavor offered by Skinny Cow ice cream, Dulce de Leche. My, was it absolutely delicious!

Skinny Cow Dolce de Leche

This little beauty is packed with taste and low in calories. This little container is only 150 calories per serving (a serving is 5.8 oz). But this isn’t all of the good news. Skinny Cow has more new flavors like, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Cookies ‘N Cream, Strawberry Cheesecake and Caramel Cone.

So indulge your guilty pleasure, since you won’t have to feel guilty afterward.


Food News: A Wiki Project

22 Mar

Hubby and I like to take advantage of traveling abroad whenever we can, which unfortunately doesn’t happen as often as we would like. When we do get the opportunity to travel we always make it a point to taste the local cuisine. While on our honeymoon in Spain, we absolutely could not leave Madrid without paying a visit to Chocolateria San Gines, and trying the best churros in town with hot chocolate. The hot chocolate was so thick, it was more like chocolate dipping sauce than what we know as hot chocolate.

Churros at Chocolateria San Gines

Since I am definitely a planner, I looked up this information ahead of time. Most of the time it requires researching multiple sources to gather all the necessary information regarding the local restaurants and cuisine for our trips. It would be much easier, if at least the information of where to eat and what to order in the city you’re visiting could be found in one place.

With that said, I was recently contacted by someone at MyCityCuisine asking me to let all of you foodies know that they are looking for contributors to their great wiki project. The goal of this project is to create a free, up-to-date guide for delicious local dishes in different parts of the world. The goal of the project is not to gather local recipes but to create a guide of local dishes and basic descriptions of them, so that travelers could make decisions on whether or not they would be interested in trying them. The guide could be searched by cities or countries. I think this is a great idea, and I am glad I could help spread the word and possibly add what I’ve learned during my travels.