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Photography: Collaboration

30 Mar

I am very excited to share some news with you. It’s not food related, but in my opinion, just as exciting.

My friend Sandy and I have started a collaborative photography project. We’re both passionate about photography, and decided that the best way to experience this passion is, together. We’ve done a couple of shoots thus far, and have enjoyed them thoroughly. I am really excited to share some samples of what we’ve done so far.

If you would like to see more of our work, please check us out at TwoCapture Photography.


Kids: Sunday Morning

01 May

It seems that summer finally found it’s way here. We ended our weekend with a play date of sorts. Our little feet aren’t quite ready for group play, but we certainly make the trips to the playground with our new friends. Today we met up with V, R and little J for a play date of sorts. J was doing most of the playing and we were just along for the ride. Little J is all about running around and chattering. I couldn’t help myself, and had to share a few snaps of him.


He’s very adorable in his sun hat and sunglasses. Such a little man.


Enjoying his banana.


Hope you enjoyed your Sunday!


Cook and Tell: Recipe Management

06 Feb

Dear readers,

I am sorry for being MIA. My only, (and pretty legitimate) excuse is this…

… yes, a set of new feet in the family. But to return to the topic at hand…

…recipe management. I am looking for your help once again. I’ve collected quite a few recipes over time. Some are saved on various food recipe websites, some are from cooking magazines, some written out on scratches of paper from friends and family members.

To get rid of clutter, I decided to go through the cooking magazines I’ve gathered, pick out the recipes I like and get rid of the rest. So now I am left with cookbooks, recipes on scratches of paper, ripped out pages of magazines and recipes saved on various food recipe websites. Here’s where I need your help.

I am looking for a way to somehow electronically organize all of my recipes, where I can just search for a recipe based on type of food or ingredient. I’ve considered Excel, and briefly looked into recipe management software. So far haven’t come up with anything. I would love to hear of any suggestions from my readers (hope you are out there). If you have a suggestion, do leave in the comments area for me.

Thank you in advance to all of you who are following this blog!


Excited About a New Photo Product

25 Oct

I decided that it’s time to play around with various photo products that are available out there. My photo shoot with I, B and A was the perfect opportunity to try out a great photo product…a custom made, photo covered CD case.

I won’t hold you in suspense any longer, here is the first product from DimpleArts Photography!

CD Custom Photo Box


The right way to start your week…

03 Oct

I wanted to start your week of right, and to be honest I just couldn’t resist sharing another photo from my shoot last week.

Here is another one from last Sunday with I, B and A. Can’t help but smile when looking at the love…


Sunday Morning continued…

28 Sep

Apparently summer came late this year. Here we are on the verge of October, and experiencing a heat wave. Where is an air conditioner when you need one?

Sunday was just the beginning of this heat, but it didn’t get in the way of my time with the S family. I and B here are a few more from Sunday. Can’t wait for you to see all the shots.

Pure cuteness :)


Family Sunday

26 Sep

Today I had the pleasure of photographing a great family. I and I discussed doing this, literally for months. Finally, after various postponements we were able to get together with I, B and cute little A for a family shoot. A is about 16 months old, and cute as a button. As promised, I, here is a sneak peak from this morning.