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The votes are in…

25 Aug

The poll is now closed and the winner for the next book club book is Middlesex! Thank you to all those who voted. Hope everyone enjoys reading this book. Looking forward to the commentary.
Happy reading!

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The next book for the book club…

18 Aug

While those of you that are reading the current choice for our book club, are enjoying the book, we wanted to put out feelers for the next book club choice. Below is a poll with choices for the next book. You can choose from the listed choices or suggest your own. The poll will be open for a week, so hurry up and get your votes in!

Also, if you’re finished with the Larry King’s My Remarkable Journey, feel free to leave your feedback.

Can’t wait to see your ideas and your feedback on the original book!

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Book Club Blog

29 Jul

My husband and I have been reading a lot lately.  When we read the same book we like to discuss our likes and dislikes in relation to the book.

We suggested a book club to our friends and they were somewhat receptive to it. However, not everyone is interested in the same topics, so it was a bit difficult in agreeing on the book.

We thought it would be a good idea to create a Book Club blog. We’ll post the book we’re currently reading and anyone who is interested can join in and then comment on the book once they’ve read it. There are no commitments and new book suggestions are obviously welcome.

I would like to incorporate it as part of this blog. While I figure out the best way to do so, here is the first book on our list:

Happy reading everyone!


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