About Me

DimpleArts Photography was born from the desire to capture and share the everyday details and moments, which often escape our eyes.¬†Over time it has evolved to incorporate creating and capturing delicious foods. My hope is to share with all of you foods I have created, encountered and shared with family and friends. However, that’s not my only hope…

As time goes on DimpleArts evolves into taking photographs of everything that strikes me as beautiful. As a result you will notice, if you haven’t already, that I blog not only about the foods I cook and the foods I eat, but also about the places I travel to and the beautiful things I see.

I annoy my friends and family with the constant clicking of the shutter. But I love seeing their faces when a beautiful moment is captured. These are the moments I treasure.

In case you were wondering what equipment I use to create the images you see on this site, here is the lowdown. I use a Canon Digital Rebel XSibody, with the Canon EF 50mmlens.

I hope you follow along as I develop my craft(s).

I love hearing from readers. Feel free to contact me or leave comments on the blog.

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