Cook and Tell: Russian Meatball Soup

25 Sep

The momentum continues. Two weekends in a row of cooking. Who is on a roll? THIS girl!

I tell you, Pinterest is a goldmine for collecting, sharing and discovering new (to me) recipes. I’ve never been very good at making soups. Let’s face it, I just avoided the whole food category. But alas, I had to cave. It is important for the little ones to consume soup, and it would be a major parent fail if I fed him soup from a can.

I found a great recipe for Russian Meatball Soup. Once I started making the soup, the scents from my Mom’s kitchen, filled my own kitchen. Making this soup was a proud moment in my life! Even though I’ve made a lot of dishes, I’ve never made a real soup…until now!



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  1. Vicky

    September 25, 2012 at 10:04 pm

    Thank you for pinning this one :) It has been re-pinned and made!